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7 Trends in the hotel sector to keep an eye on in 2022

7 Trends in the hotel sector to keep an eye on in 2022

The future is approaching swiftly. The hospitality business is changing at a breakneck pace, and it’s close to impossible to keep up with all the hotel trends affecting this fast-growing market. Whether you’re interested in starting your own hotel, running one now, or simply curious about the travel industry, this post is for you. Going […]

The future is approaching swiftly. The hospitality business is changing at a breakneck pace, and it’s close to impossible to keep up with all the hotel trends affecting this fast-growing market. Whether you’re interested in starting your own hotel, running one now, or simply curious about the travel industry, this post is for you.

Going Green

The concept behind “going green” is all about protecting the environment and making everything as sustainable as possible. This involves reducing carbon emissions, promoting clean energy practices, and making our products and services more visible online. Not only does this include preserving the planet that we live on for future generations, but also making a positive impact on people’s health and personal life. Hotels have been working towards being more environmentally friendly by cutting down their use of plastics, which reduces pollution from carbon emissions.

Hotels are aiming to reduce their carbon footprint, which has a positive effect on our environment and reduces their operating costs. Since many hotels hold events with numerous guests attending, reducing disposable plastic usage means that they require fewer amenities such as single-use shampoo bottles. Guests appreciate the reduction of these wasteful plastics, and they will be more willing to book a hotel that takes this approach. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

As the number of mobile app users is getting bigger, so do expectations. They want intuitive apps with personalized interactions. This opportunity offered by AI based apps opens endless possibilities for hospitality business owners and managers alike. Although there are many books on this topic, it’s not only about the theory of smart virtual assistants anymore. Hoteliers should be aware of the latest trends and learn how to implement them as quickly as possible. 

AI-driven apps will be able to book hotel rooms by themselves, alert users on time of arrival so they don’t have to wait at reception or call room service for their favorite beverage. One more advantage is that guests will be able to choose the type of room they want before actually arriving at the hotel. Although AI-app market is still in its early stages, we can expect a lot of new opportunities and innovations in the future.

Smart Rooms

Hospitality technology is making guest rooms smarter by the day. Guests expect not only high-quality accommodations, but also amenities that help to enhance their time in hotel rooms. For example, Hilton has incorporated Samsung’s SmartThings technology into rooms at select properties to provide guests with features such as controlling the lights and TV with a tablet paired over Bluetooth. These changes are not only convenient but also help hotels to stay competitive in an industry where customer experience is crucial. The rise of voice assistants provides massive opportunities for hospitality providers that want to incorporate them into their guest rooms. 

Digital locks can be programmed via smartphone app and do not require a physical keycard. As this technology becomes more accessible for both providers and consumers, the integration of smart locks provides many possibilities for hotels looking to offer convenient to their guests while simultaneously bolstering.

Blockchain technology

As cryptocurrencies grow in popularity, many businesses are giving them a try. Blockchain technology has the potential to streamline transactions and drastically reduce costs for hospitality providers that use it. One hotel group is already using blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency company Crypterium fulfilled a transaction in the hospitality industry for the first time when they paid rent to Aston Hotels with their Crypterium app. 

Not only can blockchain technology streamline transactions within a single entity, but it can also allow individual hotels to communicate more efficiently across different channels through tokenized communities. A report from PwC states that “blockchain has the potential to integrate loyalty programs onto a single platform.” If adopted by hospitality providers and embraced by consumers, this technology has the potential to revolutionize the industry. 


The idea of experiences becoming a central part of holidays is particularly interesting considering that experiences could be the best replacement for materialistic things such as clothes. Materialistic things are no longer seen as necessary to buy and instead people want experiences such as yoga retreats, family adventure holidays or even stag and hen parties which will allow them to discover something new about someone else or themselves. 

Partnering with local businesses that provide fun activities, such as caving or kayaking, is a great way to entice people to book their stay in your hotel. This means you promote experiences whilst offering new experiences for the guests. Not only this but it will allow them to benefit from the experiences that they may not have had otherwise allowing them to be try something new during their holiday.

Hotel Design

The design of the space, either including design choice for unique spaces, creative lobby ideas or creative public areas showcasing nature. For example, of design choices in lobbies is Westin business class hotels, they used design to break away from traditional business design and enhance their lobbies with contemporary design elements like an artsy mural, comfortable seating arrangements and interactive art installations that encourages guests to post pictures on social media.

The use of design as a major exterior element that enhances outdoor experiences with creative solutions such as all-weather pool bars can create new hospitality opportunities; for example, design of outdoor spaces at the Four Seasons Punta Mita uses sharp design elements that call for the beholder to stop and take notice.

Personalized Guest Service

Guest service is critical in hospitality business regardless of the type of guest you are catering to. The guest wants their needs met regardless of if they are staying for one night or a couple of weeks. They want personalized experiences that not only meet their expectations but exceed it with the way they are treated by hotel staff members.

The guest wants to be recognized and treated as a guest of honor and not just another guest walking through the corridors. Unique guest experiences can be created by communicating with guests before their arrival via email, inviting them for pre-arrival activities such as dinner so you could get to know them better or even offer them special perks on their arrival day such as breakfast at the rooftop pool that only few guests are offered.


When it comes to hospitality, the industry is always evolving. There are many different trends that you can keep your eye on in 2022 or sooner if they start gaining traction now. One main trend we’ve seen so far is going green and cutting back on paper towels with smart rooms. Another hot topic has been about how hotels should be designed for every guest’s unique needs, which often includes personalized experiences like room service menus according to dietary restrictions or other preferences. And finally, another interesting trend will be focusing more on an individual’s experience rather than just their stay at a property – meaning not only do guests want to feel like they mean something to the hotel, but also that they are getting personalized tours or staying at a place where everyone knows their name.

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