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What are the main Hotel Management aims in a hotel?

What are the main Hotel Management aims in a hotel?

Hotel management covers a whole series of processes affecting the operation of a hotel by optimising hotel operational procedures.


It seeks to improve efficiency and operational process performance, strategies are established so that a hotel can be differentiated from what its competitors offer, better ways are sought to improve user experience and customer satisfaction, etc. It also covers all aspects concerning workers (such as hiring, firing, paying salaries, performance improvement), as well as a whole succession of processes relating to operational cost savings.

Hotel Management Aims

Quite a common mistake is to think that hotel management is a set of operational processes that are simply aimed at improving customer service. As we have already seen, it controls other things at the same time and although it is true that customers are the ones who in the end benefit from it all, they are not the only ones. That being said, what are the aims of hotel management?

Customer satisfaction

We attempt to satisfy the needs of tourists, which involves quite a challenge; since each user has individual expectations. But we can say that ultimately customer satisfaction is most important.

Analyze demand

To facilitate the process, a detailed analysis is usually conducted to ascertain customer service demand, all available products are classified (these are referred to as inventories), supplier system functioning is analysed as well as transport and storage management.

Strategic planning

To carry out all these processes, comprehensive global and individual strategic planning has to be undertaken. For example, demand analysis will be studied based on supply. The idea behind this analysis is to be able to offer customers the kind of product they need, thus avoiding stock shortages, but at the same time that stock may be spoilt because too large an order has been placed.

Gather as much information as possible

To achieve optimum hotel management, the maximum possible market information must be available, such as socio-economic status, food and drink preferences, collective level of satisfaction, the type of tourist the hotel is targeting, accommodation packages and seasonality of demand, etc.

The most common course of action is to hire a hotel consultancy firm which undertakes to perform good  hotel management aims, controlling all the processes in detail. If this is not possible, you can always outsource the service, such that a specialist company, with a proven track record, can look after everything such as IHCS Hotel Consulting.

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