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Hotel project development and optimisation

Hotel project development and optimisation

Do you have an idea but you don’t know how to execute on it? Do you want to invest in a project creating a hotel? Are you an independent hotel that needs to optimise your brand?

If you’re taking the first steps to set things in motion, we invite you to save on time, effort and money…at IHCS, we have the solution and our consulting firm can help you.

International Hotel Consulting Services specialises in the development of hotel projects of all kinds, among other services it provides, and has invaluable international experience to advise and guide entrepreneurs from all over the world in getting their hotel projects off the ground. Hotels constantly innovate and there are increasingly more of them changing their value proposition to attract more customers, which is why the hotel industry has seen fit to reinvent itself, in order to provide guests with something that goes beyond just good accommodation.

There are many hotel chains that are revolutionising the customer experience by offering smart hotel rooms and creating new spaces that meet expectations in line with European trends; they are taking the hotel sector by storm. Popular thinking has evolved across the generations and creating memories is now considered to be preferable to owning material things, which is a great opportunity for hoteliers when building customer loyalty.

Over the past few years, we have been undergoing a revolution of new ideas, particularly in the field of new technologies. We already know that customers are always on the lookout for new concepts and experiences, which is why opening doors to the future is key and should not be left by the wayside. IHCS brings differentiation and added value to your projects through a keen eye for detail, integrating tools, systems, management and marketing strategies that contribute to optimising the process.

Many hotel projects launched have not been studied with due care, resulting in ventures that don’t do well, fail to turn a profit and require higher than expected investments. It is very likely that none of these project leaders utilized the idea of a project scheduling software to help keep on top of any tasks that needed to be completed, hence the downfall of their hotel plans. This is where our Project Development services come into play, as we know the market and we can adapt to any type of hotel.

What can we help you with when creating the business plan for your hotel?

Definition Of Concept

We will analyse your competitors, the trends and the market to help you define the type of hotel that will be the most profitable for you at present and in the future. Independent, family-friendly, adult-only, boutique hotels…we’ll help you decide which of these suits the project best according to the investment budget.

Profitability Study

Bringing an idea to life involves doing a feasibility study with regard to all aspects, particularly economic and technical aspects. Knowing the return on investment is also very important when drawing up a feasible plan for the future and assuring ourselves that the idea is profitable.

Feasibility Analysis

Defining the hotel category, room prices, occupancy, etc. is a crucial step when starting a business. The same goes for analysing profitability by type of customer, thus building loyalty among the customers that will be the most profitable for us. Through segmentation, we evaluate customers, thus contributing positively to the project.

Business Strategy Planning

Promotional and sales strategies are factors for success in any hotel project, which is why we cannot neglect to implement them. The most important aspects are sales management and promotion, together with negotiation techniques. Strategic business planning serves as a roadmap-a clearly defined path to help the organisation figure out how to get where it needs to go. Not to mention looking into investment methods such as dividends and learning things like Exploiting Misvaluation , which are all qualities that can make a business successful.

Project Implementation

This is the final stage of the process, as part of the action plan. We at IHCS will act as intermediaries and representatives when dealing with third parties to help you get the best results. Once this phase has been completed, your hotel will have become the hotel you’ve always dreamed of. In-depth knowledge of the sector and years of international experience drive us to only one direction, making the best decisions to achieve the ultimate goal: turning your hotel into reality.

“Long-range planning does not deal with future decisions, but with the future of present decisions.”

Peter Drucker

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