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How a consulting firm can help you define your hotel OS&E

How a consulting firm can help you define your hotel OS&E

Successful hotel OS&E management will be an essential factor in ensuring the efficient operation of your hotel. In fact, it will directly impact your customers’ satisfaction. OS&E covers a wide range of items, from towels and bedding to kitchen utensils and furniture. All of these elements are vital to the daily operation of a hotel. […]

Successful hotel OS&E management will be an essential factor in ensuring the efficient operation of your hotel. In fact, it will directly impact your customers’ satisfaction.

OS&E covers a wide range of items, from towels and bedding to kitchen utensils and furniture. All of these elements are vital to the daily operation of a hotel.

Now, to properly define OS&E in your hotel, it is essential to have specialized experience and knowledge. This is where the role of a hotel consultant comes into play. Especially if you are in the process of opening a new hotel.

In this article, we will explain how a hotel consulting firm can be a valuable resource to efficiently define hotel OS&E.


Before we dive into how a hotel consulting firm can help you with your OS&E, we need to define some concepts. The term OS&E (Operational Supplies and Equipment) means operating supplies and equipment. That is, it refers to the elements and materials oriented towards the operational functioning of your hotel.

Then the OS&E guarantee the operation of each of the areas of the hotel, resort or hotel establishment. OS&E products such as:

  • Beds, televisions, safes, minibars, among others.
  • Room supplies such as towels, bedding, hair dryers, fragrances, toothbrushes, shampoos and other amenities.
  • Cookware.
  • Back of the house or hotel service areas, offices, warehouses, internal dining room or maintenance and cleaning areas.
  • Gym and spa equipment.
  • Housekeeping (internal management).
  • Laundry or cleaning and maintenance of hotel sheets, towels and bedding.
  • Furniture and office supplies.
  • Pool.
  • Security equipments.
  • Shelving.

When acquiring or opening a new hotel, the operability of OS&E supplies is key. Well, the efficient operation and safety of your hotel project depends on these. Furthermore, each element will be a key piece in creating or restoring your hotel’s identity. Therefore, attractive products must be obtained that harmonize with the personality of the accommodation.

Finally, the importance of OS&E is in being the tangible part of the operation, which contributes to a complete customer experience.


In the design, management or opening of a new hotel, FF&E are also important. This is another term closely related to OS&E and is sometimes confused. In this case, FF&E means furniture, fixtures and equipment, which also refers to the fixed elements of the hotel. That is, furniture, accessories, electronics and other elements that are installed in the hotel and do not change as often as they are replaced or consumed.

So, OS&E are important for the smooth functioning and safety of the hotel. While FF&E are key to Customer comfort.


Efficient hotel OS&E management will be essential to the successful operation of your new hotel. In this aspect, the role of an expert hotel consultant in the field can be crucial to achieving the operational efficiency of your hotel and therefore financial success. Next, we will show you how hotel consulting can help you in defining the operational material of your establishment.


Defining hotel OS&E for your hotel project begins with a thorough analysis of the hotel’s needs. Each establishment has unique requirements based on its size, location, category and target audience. In this sense, a hotel consulting firm has the ability to identify specific needs and determine the quantity and quality of the necessary products.

This involves evaluating the hotel’s capabilities, the size of the rooms, the number of restaurants and bars, as well as other services available. Through this analysis, the consultant can create a detailed list of the elements that will make up the hotel OS&E.


The quality of OS&E products is essential to ensure customer satisfaction. A hotel consultancy has the knowledge and experience to evaluate the quality of products and establish appropriate standards. This can include selecting high-absorbency towels, premium quality sheets, durable kitchen utensils, and effective cleaning products.

The consultancy can also collaborate with reliable suppliers that meet the required quality standards and offer durable and wear-resistant products.


A fundamental part of defining hotel OS&E is the selection of strategic suppliers. Having access to a network of reliable suppliers is key, especially if you are opening a new hotel. Well, not only is the quality of the products guaranteed, but it can also result in significant savings in the long term.

Contracts with suppliers may include volume discounts, scheduled deliveries, and quality guarantees. The hotel consulting firm is responsible for managing relationships with suppliers, ensuring efficient and profitable acquisition of the necessary elements.


Acquiring hotel OS&E is not a simple process, but rather involves precise planning and logistics. In this case, the hotel consulting firm helps define the acquisition plan, determining delivery times and the necessary quantities.

In addition, it is responsible for ensuring that products are available at the right time, avoiding interruptions in the hotel’s operation. This is essential, especially in accommodations with high occupancy rates and during periods of high demand.


Hotel OS&E must comply with regulations and standards applicable to the hotel industry. An experienced hotel consultant knows the regulations and can ensure that the products purchased meet legal requirements. This includes food safety, cleaning regulations and the quality of products in contact with guests. Regulatory compliance is essential to avoid legal problems and sanctions.


Once hotel OS&E is defined and acquired, it is necessary to implement an effective inventory management system. Well, a stock registry must be implemented, replacement orders placed at the appropriate time and the waste of unnecessary products avoided.

Efficient inventory management ensures that the hotel is always prepared to serve guests. And this translates into a better experience for the customer and, therefore, an improvement in the hotel’s reputation.


Cost control is a critical factor in hotel OS&E management. Since this will significantly impact identifying unnecessary expenses and areas of savings. This process includes optimizing supplier contracts, reducing waste, and efficiently managing inventory. All of this is something that a hotel consulting company can do with complete ease.

Finally, effective cost control can have a significant impact on the hotel’s long-term profitability.


As we saw, effective management of operational material (OS&E) is a complex and critical process. Well, this involves the selection, acquisition and management of a wide variety of essential elements for the operation of the hotel. From the beds in the rooms to the utensils in the restaurant kitchen, every detail counts to offer an exceptional experience to guests.

A hotel consultant with experience and specialized knowledge can be a valuable ally in this process. Since it helps define the hotel’s specific needs, evaluate product quality, select strategic suppliers, plan logistics, ensure regulatory compliance, manage inventory and control costs.

At IHCS we support owners in the opening of new hotels by ensuring that the OS&E is adequate. In this and other ways we have contributed to the operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and long-term profitability of many hotels internationally. So if you need help regarding the operational functioning of your hotel, do not hesitate to contact us.

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