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Hotel Marketing: 5 ways of attracting potential customers

Hotel Marketing: 5 ways of attracting potential customers

To choose a solid marketing strategy is crucial for promoting the image of a hotel. In this post we show you 5 ways of liaising with potential customers.

Just as in any kind of business, knowing how to choose a solid marketing strategy is crucial for promoting the brand image of a hotel, particularly those who touch upon after-sale strategies (that is, the ones we use so that once the customer has stayed in the hotel they can count on us for the future).

And the thing is, according to the experts, it is much more complex to build up trust with an existing customer than it is to gain a new one.

We’ve prepared 5 strategies that may help you to improve contact with your potential customers.

Five ways of attracting potential customers

1- Analysis of feedback

The comments that the customer leaves on the website or on social networks make up a very valuable resource that we have at our disposal.

Through these, the general opinion that people have about our team and our services is reflected. One negative comment may not necessarily tell us anything, but if many customers think the same thing, we already have something to work on.

2- Email marketing strategies

If the customer has already stayed in the hotel, then we have their contact details.

If we have their email, we can send them offers this way, knowing that the vast majority of them will have the desired effect. Technology advancements have also made it possible for us to find the e-mail addresses of potential customers who haven’t even visited the hotel. In fact, we can use email-finding tools such as RocketReach to create a database for our personalized advertising campaigns.

3- Special offers

There is nothing that excites potential customers more than feeling different from the rest.

In order to achieve this effect, we can send special offers with a special price for a customer who has already stayed in the hotel. We don’t need to put ourselves out of business either; a small percentage will be more than enough for them to continue to trust in us.

4- Profile optimisation on social networks

Profiles on social networks must be very well monitored: we have to update them, publish quality content, reply to feedback, etc.

If we do so, we can be sure that we will obtain a high level of feedback that we can make the most of.

5- Innovation

The customer looks for innovation and something that really grabs their attention. If we always offer the same thing in the same way, you can be sure that it won’t be long before our competitors leave us behind. Look for a way to break ground and we will win them over again.

With these tips on hotel marketing, we will strengthen the trust of our potential customers so that they can stay with us.

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