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Reasons Why A Hotel Should Provide Good Staff Training

Reasons Why A Hotel Should Provide Good Staff Training

If you want your hotel to be full all year round, you can't sit back twiddling your thumbs. A factor that we should examine is our staff's qualifications.

If you want your hotel to be full all year round, you can’t sit back twiddling your thumbs. A factor that we should examine is our staff’s qualifications, i.e. if hotel employees have the right training, the customer will receive the service they are looking for, improving their overall experience and making it more likely that they are going to rely on our services again and speak well of our business.

These are just some of the reasons why we should invest in staff training in hotel industry.

Why should you do staff training in hotel industry?


Satisfying customers is not enough anymore; we need to make them love us. If the hotel only thinks about being OK, and just passing the mark, we probably won’t get a negative review, but we won’t be getting a positive one either!

Let’s be honest, the customer probably won’t even remember your hotel.

You need to remember that they have probably visited several hotels over the year and if you want to stand out, it’s only logical that your employees need to have been trained correctly to improve the customer experience.

Information provided by hotel employees

So they know what the customer is asking for at all times, your hotel employees need to be able to understand them. That’s where knowing more languages is always better when it comes to the “tourism” sector.

Managing bad reviews

A bad review can ruin your business. If we know the client’s exact problem, we can act on it immediately, stopping things from getting any worse.

That’s why you should train your employs with protocols, sales techniques, event management, customer service, loyalty strategies and communication skills, environmental awareness, etc.

Thanks to this training, the worker will be able to manage strategies that improve the hotel’s reputation or any crisis that it may be faced with.

If the employee does not know how to respond to a complicated situation, this could spoil everything for the hotel.

Online channels

Given the number of offers that there are in the hotel sector, any added bonus is key to position yourself above your competitors. Having affordable packages is not enough, as we now need to do everything possible to promote them properly.

If you train your staff in online marketing, and other promotional techniques, your investment in advertising will be in the best hands.

Most important topics in staff training in hotel industry

When you’re training staff in the hotel industry, there are a few topics that’s fundamental to cover:

  • Thorough training on Front of the House staff. As they’re the first contact the guest will have with our hotel, it is of capital importance having our front desk staff properly trained on how to greet them, right procedures for asking the phone, etc.
  • Optimise housekeeping standards, to ensure that there’s a clear standard on how every room should be cleaned and every health and safety procedure is well known.
  • Hotel restaurant and bar staff should be fully trained on how to greet, address and treat guests.
  • Ensure management training, as they’ll be the ones overseeing every procedure that happens in the hotel, so they should be trained to the highest standard.

The road to success

It’s no secret that a poorly managed company is set for failure. A hotel director must know about administration and business management among other areas and must retrain constantly given that this sector is always changing.

If we invest in training our employs, it makes it a lot easier for all of us to achieve the objectives that we set.

These are all the reasons why training staff is key, not just in the hotel industry, but for any type of business.

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