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Having Standard Operating Procedures Before Opening A Hotel

Having Standard Operating Procedures Before Opening A Hotel

Are you thinking of investing some money and opening a hotel? Sounds like a great idea.

Right? But hold for a sec. Are you done formulating standard operating procedures (SOPs) for this hotel project? Did you blurt out, no? Then you need to do it right now before any further delay. SOP is the backbone of a hotel’s success. However, the central aspect here is not only formulating these SOP, but real struggle begins when you need to come up with RIGHT SOPs according to the needs of your hotel or resort. Because these three words (Standard Operating Procedure) can make or break a hotel.

What Are Standard Operating Procedures?

If you are not so sure about these words. Allow us to explain it to you. Standard Operating procedures are a shared set of instructions that a company has in place to carry out any operation efficiently, safely, and smoothly. These SOPs implies to everyone independent of who is working at that moment. These SOPs are just like a recipe whose target is the perfect result without caring about when and who is making this dish.

SOPs In A Hotel Project: what is SOP in the hotel industry?

Let’s dive deep into the importance of having SOPs in the pre-opening phase of a hotel.


Establishing a better structure in your hotel business can dramatically reduce costs and boosts productivity. SOPs provide business consistency in the way an individual carries out a specific

activity or task. SOPs ensure that processes continue uninterrupted and are completed on a regular schedule. A more promising standard operating procedure can also rectify the errors caused by facility damage, equipment failure or absence, leave of staff, etc.

SOPs Simplify Performance Management

It makes ranking and grading procedures much easier for managers. Using the framework of SOPs, responsible authorities can make assessments of individual performance. When all workers follow the same processes, it is an easy matter to compare and measure them against the same standards. On the other hand, SOPs also protects employees from uncertainty by guiding them precisely what is expected from them. And how they can plan their work schedules to meet their goals efficiently within a suitable time frame.

Protects You From Knowledge Loss

SOPs protects your expected risk of knowledge loss by keeping proper documentation of your hotel project. If your business doesn’t have SOPs, it directly means no manual record to run your hotel operation efficiently, which can be disastrous. Proper documentation will also enable you to keep check and balance on your employee’s performance and guests’ feedback.

Quality Control

Everyone launches a business with the hope of seeing his business as a successful top-notch business ever in his head, and you are not an exception. And If you want to make this dream come true, the first and foremost rule is to maintain a high standard of quality. And SOPs can do this much-complicated task efficiently for your hotel. First formulating and then meticulously following SOPs guarantee that your service is designed according to the expectations of your customers. Maintaining a five-star structure and procedure will give them a feeling that you are valuing their money. In this way, your faultlessly developed SOPs can make your investment in the hotel project the best investment you ever did.

Saves Your Time

SOPs can become responsible for your sigh of relief because once you are done formulating the right, adequate SOPs for your hotel. You can allow your SOPs to take charge of your system. Sitting down and taking some time to develop an SOP for every little procedure sounds chaotic at first, but once you are done with it, it can save your energy and time later to be utilized in other stuff. In this way, you can also look into other matters and let SOPs do their job. In short, taking enough time to develop SOPs in the pre-opening phase of your resort or hotel is a one-time investment that keeps giving you fruitful results later.

Summary: what is SOP in the hotel industry and is it worth it?

Hence proved that having a standard operating procedure before opening a new hotel is worth every struggle. And if your strategies and SOPs formation are in the right hands, they can make your business shine in no time. So if you want to make your business successful and require top-notch services within your hotel business, contact IHCS Consulting Services , and request your free consultation today.

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