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Efficient strategies to increase hotel sales

Efficient strategies to increase hotel sales

Hotel sales consists of selling rooms and services of your hotel to different clients. This includes activities and strategies that allow you to make sales, and it is normal that you have a team in charge of designing and implementing them. The main objective of hotel sales is to maximize occupancy, profitability and revenue for […]

Hotel sales consists of selling rooms and services of your hotel to different clients. This includes activities and strategies that allow you to make sales, and it is normal that you have a team in charge of designing and implementing them.

The main objective of hotel sales is to maximize occupancy, profitability and revenue for your hotel. Therefore, to be successful you must adapt to market demands and optimize the customer experience. And to achieve this, you must apply efficient strategies that help you sell more rooms and services.

Importance of hotel sales

Selling your hotel’s rooms and services is essential to generate revenue. But its importance goes far beyond that. The more revenue you generate, the more your business will grow. So, before offering additional services (such as excursions or tours, for example), it is crucial that you master hotel sales.

In addition, when you prioritize room sales, you also improve your customer satisfaction level. Hotels with low occupancy can be discouraging. So, by selling a lot of rooms, you give your guests an attractive environment that undoubtedly enhances their stay.

While offering a comfortable stay is essential, it is also important to remember that a hotel is a business. Hotel sales strategies must balance the guest experience with the need to maximize occupancy.

Strategies for more hotel sales

As a hotel owner, first of all your sales strategies must be adapted to a local target market and destination. In addition, these strategies must be carefully designed considering the particularities of your hotel and its environment. To help you do so, here are 12 of the best hotel sales strategies to boost your business.

1. Group hotel sales

This strategy consists of offering room and meeting space packages to corporate groups. To implement it, you need to innovate. Therefore, you will first need to evaluate your usual marketing and sales approach, as it is essential to offer attractive packages.

One option for success in offering these group packages is to contact event organizers directly. Also, consider publishing advertisements, showcasing floor plans, photos and unique features of your hotel.

2. Direct hotel sales

This strategy focuses on prioritizing direct bookings. By implementing it successfully, your hotel can generate more revenue by avoiding third party commissions.

In this hotel sales strategy, it is crucial that you invest in an easy-to-use online booking system. But such a system needs to be synchronized with your hotel’s website and management system. Also, keep in mind that an effective social media strategy can significantly increase direct bookings.

3. Hotel sales with destination marketing

Basically, this sales strategy is based on seeking partnerships with tourism professionals. In this way, the aim is to promote the region, which generates more traffic to the area.

In fact, a destination marketing campaign brings local businesses together to target inbound tourism markets. This increases tourist interest in a locality, which in turn increases the influx of visitors.

4. Cross-promotional hotel sales

This strategy consists of identifying important events in the region and creating promotions that coincide with them. This way, your hotel can attract more guests and increase sales for the dates of the event.

Conferences, concerts or sport events are ideal opportunities for a cross-promotional hotel sales strategy. The important thing is that you remain attentive to the dates so that events of this type are not overlooked.

5. Loyalty and rewards programs for guests

More and more visitors are looking to take advantage of opportunities and earn rewards after using products and services. That’s exactly why loyalty and rewards programs are excellent ways to increase your hotel sales.

Developing rewards programs for frequent guests can generate repeat bookings. You can also offer incentives for frequent stays, service upgrades and referrals to family members. Thus, you increase customer loyalty and, consequently, bookings.

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6. Revenue Management

A revenue management strategy seeks to maximize bookings throughout the year by adjusting rates according to demand. Thus, your hotel will be able to generate revenue regardless of tourist traffic at any given time of the year.

During the low season, lowering rates can encourage bookings at your hotel. At the same time, during peak demand, raising rates can increase revenue.

7. Hotel sales through OTA optimization

Online travel agencies (OTAs), such as Booking.com, are powerful platforms for increasing your hotel’s visibility. Optimizing ads on these platforms can improve your hotel’s ranking and attract more guests.

To successfully implement this hotel sales strategy, you must provide high-quality photos and detailed descriptions. In this way, users who visit the OTA where your establishment is published will be able to get to know the facilities in detail.

Undoubtedly, this strategy is one of the most implemented by many tourist accommodations. Although OTAs charge commissions, they can also help you generate a significant volume of bookings.

8. Leverage online reviews

A positive online reputation is crucial to increase your hotel’s bookings. The reason is simple: nowadays, visitors take reviews into account when choosing one hotel over another.

You can implement this hotel sales strategy by encouraging your guests to leave reviews on popular platforms. In addition, it is also important to respond professionally to all reviews. This enhances the hotel’s reputation and demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction.

9. Upselling strategy for hotel sales

Generally speaking, this strategy involves offering more expensive versions of the service that the customer is already buying. However, in order for you to be successful in implementing it and have more hotel sales, you must have a certain degree of finesse,

It is important to manage the timing, tone and frequency of these offers, so as not to appear pushy. At this point, a good tactic might be to inform customers of the options available and allow them to initiate additional interest.

10. Hotel sales through remarketing

Remarketing consists of retargeting those who have interacted with your hotel page, but have not completed their booking. Basically, the strategy uses cookies to track these users and show them relevant ads related to your hotel.

With this hotel sales strategy, you can remind these potential customers to return to the site to complete their booking. This way, you increase conversion and sales.

11. Hotel cross-selling and incentives

Cross-selling consists of offering additional and complementary products or services. This could include offering services such as massages, dinners at your hotel, local excursions or sports equipment rentals.

Keep in mind, however, that the additional services or products are intended to complement the stay of your visitors. This way, customers will be more motivated to complete their reservation.

12. Hotel sales through local alliances

Forming partnerships with local businesses and attractions can be beneficial for everyone and is an excellent hotel sales strategy. In addition, these partnerships are useful regardless of whether users organize their itinerary before choosing a hotel.

If your hotel is not in an isolated location, there will be several nearby businesses and attractions that you could partner with. Joint promotion with restaurants, stores, and adventure companies can increase your hotel’s reach and attract more visitors.

At IHCS we help you implement and monitor these strategies

Increasing hotel sales is not only about identifying the most appropriate strategies for your hotel. It is also important to implement and monitor their effectiveness. This includes using analytics tools to evaluate performance and adjust tactics as needed. And at IHCS we help you with this task.

Our team of experts works with you to develop customized plans that are tailored to your specific market and target. Through detailed analysis and a proactive approach, we guide you through every step of the process. In this way, we ensure that your hotel sales strategies get the results you expect.

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