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Why IHCS is different from other consulting firms?

Why IHCS is different from other consulting firms?

Although the hospitality industry is unique in many aspects of strategy and organization; however, IHCS is different from other international consulting firms due to the premium services, new successful projects, and many more such factors. IHCS is in the business of the hotel industry for more than 26 years. Our professionals have real experience in […]

Although the hospitality industry is unique in many aspects of strategy and organization; however, IHCS is different from other international consulting firms due to the premium services, new successful projects, and many more such factors.

IHCS is in the business of the hotel industry for more than 26 years. Our professionals have real experience in this field, and the main cause behind this is our premium and original projects. We not only talk about the developments of hotel projects but are considered as one of the best options when the focus is hotel projects development, hotel investments, and worldwide successful operations. We are a premium hotel consulting company that regards its clients, and the key factors that make us visible in the list of other international consulting firms will be discussed below in detail.

Factors that make IHCS visible in the list of other international consulting firms

Following are the factors that put IHCS at priority from other international consulting firms:

Regard to costumers

IHCS focuses on the user’s experience more than anything. An ever-increasing number of guests are wanting a novel travel insight, and hotels that mirror the uniqueness of their surroundings are all around situated to catch this interest. It’s anything but a fortuitous event that hotel plans are turning out to be not so much standardized but rather more intelligent of the neighborhood, for public brands.

Essentially, new brands have been released that try to engage either the uniqueness of the explorer or the areas wherein the hotels are found. This craving to encounter a greater amount of the nearby environmental elements, and innovation keeps on changing how we travel. Sites like TripAdvisor, Kayak, and Booking.com, just as numerous others, are making it unbelievably simple for voyagers to find exhaustively the thing they are buying before showing up at a property. However, having a good and premium hotel-like IHCS doesn’t even require these sites for attracting clients.

Composed surveys, photographs, and even recordings that point out all the positive or negative can give confirmation to voyagers that they are settling on the correct choice, paying little mind to a hotel’s image alliance. Thus, all quality perspectives being equivalent, an explorer might decide to go for the hotel that gives a more special encounter, and that is what we focus on at IHCS. This factor is presently critical to comprehend and consider in the hotel’s plan, offices, and conveniences offering.

The importance of feedback

You might be wondering, how could the hotel be inventive and in accordance with the most recent principles and assumptions like IHCS to add to the visitor encounter? The appropriate response is feedbacks! Feedback can assist you with working on your entire property — however, you can’t simply depend on checkout feedback structures. With the help of feedbacks, your guests can go to the web to check the experiences, and also can rate your company via web-based media or survey destinations.

Lead generation

The pass to getting heaps of cash in the hotel industry is group business. It means that you need to search out organizers and make yourself discoverable. You need to meet organizers where they are and appropriate your substance through those channels. You can’t simply depend on client references, and this is what our professionals focus on at IHCS.

With an incredible, intuitive lead structure, distributable across any promoting channel, Social Tables makes it simple to construct your immediate appointments business on your site and gain expanded openness in our setting commercial center. Not exclusively will you appear for hundreds and thousands of enlisted organizers reliably searching for scenes, however, you’ll likewise have the option to modify your posting so you’re doing your absolute best for every one of them.

No communication gap

Communication is the most vital ability for a hotel group. Our experienced hotel managers at IHCS prepare their representatives to impart to decrease blunders and miscommunication.

Great communication implies that you’re paying attention to your guests, understanding their concerns, and esteeming their feedback. Extraordinary communication from each colleague can undoubtedly dazzle a visitor and transform them into a devoted client.

Flexibility to managers

Clients can have different assumptions for a hotel, and this is where IHCS has done its best by providing flexibility to our managers. By giving your hotel managers the power to settle on choices under basic circumstances, you engage them to oblige your guests without wasting any time. This dynamic force offers them a chance to turn an impossible circumstance around and procure a decent standing for the hotel, alongside client steadfastness and fulfillment.

Good observance

To give the best insight to your visitor, be exceptionally cautious about each minor detail of the hotel. IHCS professionals are very good observant. It goes from welcoming your guests happily to placing new blossoms in the jar of the hotel entryway, giving immaculate client care, serving awesome food, keeping appropriately collapsed napkins, keeping an effective checkout, thus significantly more.

Great locations

We have all heard the factor location, location everywhere when it is about the hotels. While these remaining parts are valid for hotels, nothing is more essential to a hotel than its nearness to demand generators, just as understanding the profundity of those demand generators. It is what we focus on at IHCS in addition to the best locations of our hotels.

Successful organizations like IHCS regularly set up arranged rates with hotels that address their issues, yet that is likewise situated close to their workplaces. They will probably turn down the chance to send their customers to a superior hotel if it’s farther away, as this will add additional voyaging time, alongside transportation and security suggestions to their representatives, and we can’t take risks when it’s about our customers.

Presently, obviously, this situation changes in different urban comunicase that are less dense, yet it remains constant; hotel advancement is habitually “grouped” close to significant demand generators in separate submarkets, for example, a Central Business District, Uptown District, or rural business park. Guests to one submarket are probably not going to remain in a hotel in a different submarket. As engineers hope to procure or construct hotels, they must comprehend the location of the interest generators, however the profundity of that interest.

Lack of dependability

As a rule, properties that are too dependent on one wellspring of demand have a higher danger of being influenced or totally falling if that wellspring of demand vanishes. Therefore, at IHCS, we always keep dependability very low.

From well-developed organizations like IHCS, you can get a consistent progression of both business and recreation travel consistently. This blend can be radically different for a conventional business-focused hotel in a rural business park. While it might do very well in catching business demand, occupancy levels might diminish considerably on weekend evenings. However, what occurs if there is no group business or recreation travel to be caught? What occurs if the single organization supporting all hotels in the business park chooses to migrate? Eventually, the hotel’s exhibition will be adversely influenced.

There are other grounded markets where the one-industry rule is regularly overlooked and hotel inhabitances stay raised all year. All things considered, even those business sectors experience irregularity, and it is significant for hotels in those business sectors to augment their demand division. In addition to this, we at IHCS focus on discount demands. The discount demand should be augmented so the property isn’t dependent on one wellspring of recreation business and is better ready to deal with the market’s irregularity. A sound blend of business, gathering, and recreation, alongside an even demand division, adds to the drawn-out accomplishment of a property.

Great costs

While there is no question that top-line income is significant in the presentation of the hotel, this becomes negligible if costs are excessively raised such that they disintegrate the benefit of the hotel. A few proprietors and engineers tragically accept “standard” cost factors while finishing their underlying examinations and star formats, and keeping in mind that this might be useful in rapidly understanding a resource, actually, costs can change significantly by district, and a full agreement is an absolute necessity. These are the things that our experts focus on at IHCS.

Probably the most widely recognized wrongdoers are work costs, utilities, and local charges. Distant locations frequently need to work with raised work costs that are close to difficult to change. Utilities can differ radically, also, and can be incredibly high in different pieces of the nation or the world. Local charges can likewise change by region or ward and are best estimated through an inside and out examination of the taxation rate for serious properties, alongside a full comprehension of that purview charge rates and evaluation principles. Understanding and planning for a property’s individual costs from the beginning is a critical part of the accomplishment of a hotel.


While the hotel industry can be crude but at the same time, it can be incredible if you focus on the right formulas for success like we are doing at IHCS.

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